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Board of Directors

SallyFallonSally Fallon Morell, MA (President), is best known as the author of the best-selling cookbook, Nourishing Traditions®: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. This well-researched, thought-provoking guide to traditional foods contains a startling message: animal fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet, necessary for normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels.

The culinary ideas introduced in Nourishing Traditions® have stimulated the growth of a variety of small businesses providing traditional nutrient-dense foods including lacto-fermented condiments, kombucha and other lacto-fermented soft drinks, bone broth and genuine sourdough bread. Raw milk production is flourishing as are direct farm-to-consumer buying arrangements.

Sally is frequent contributors to holistic health publications. Her work is widely respected for providing accurate and understandable explanations of complicated subjects in the field of nutrition and health. Several articles on the dangers of modern soy products have generated intense controversy in the health food industry. Her presentations on Nourishing Traditions Diets and The Oiling of America have earned highly complimentary reviews throughout the US and overseas.

Sally Fallon Morell is founding president of the Weston A. Price Foundation and editor of the Foundation’s quarterly magazine. The Foundation has fifteen thousand members and almost six hundred local chapters worldwide. The Foundation has changed the conversation about what constitutes a healthy diet and has stimulated many fine writers to challenge the legitimacy of the lowfat, low-cholesterol paradigm. The Foundation has also alerted the public to the dangers of modern soy products, especially soy infant formula.

She also founded A Campaign for Real Milk ( At its inception in 1998, the website listed only twenty-eight sources of raw milk in the U.S. Today there are over two thousand, with many hundreds more not listed. Raw milk is the fastest growing agricultural product in the US; this growth has been largely stimulated by the information provided at

She is also president and owner of NewTrends Publishing, serving as editor and publisher of many fine books on diet and health, including other books in the Nourishing Traditions® series. Her most recent titles are The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care (with Thomas S. Cowan, MD) and The Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Children (with Suzanne Gross).

Sally is also the author of Eat Fat Lose Fat (Penguin, Hudson Street Press, 2005), co-authored with Dr. Mary Enig and Nourishing Broth (Grand Central, 2014), co-authored with Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN. Her latest book is Nourishing Fats: Why We Need Animal Fats for Health and Happiness (Hachette, 2017).

In 2009, Sally and her husband Geoffrey Morell embarked on a new venture: they purchased a farm in Southern Maryland. P. A. Bowen Farmstead is a mixed-species, pasture-based farm that produces award-winning artisan raw cheese, whey-fed woodlands pork, pastured poultry and pastured eggs. The farm does not use corn, soy, GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics.

Sally received a Bachelors Degree in English with honors from Stanford University, and a Masters Degree in English with high honors from UCLA. She speaks French and Spanish. Her interests include music, gardening, metaphysics . . . and of course cooking. She lives in Brandywine, MD with her husband Geoffrey Morell. She has three beautiful grandchildren, all brought up according to Nourishing Traditions® principles.

KimSchuetteKim Schuette, CN, Cert. GAPS Practitioner (Vice President) has been in private practice in the field of nutrition since 1999 teaching the importance of real food for optimal health. In 2002 she established Biodynamic Wellness where she and her staff specialize in nutritional and biotherapeutic drainage therapies to support gut/bowel and digestive disorders, detoxification, mindful preconception, hormonal imbalances, ADD/ADHD challenges, and children’s health concerns. Additionally, Kim serves on the Board of Directors for the WAPF and co-serves as the WAPF San Diego chapter leader, where she resides with her husband and youngest son.

Sylviaportrait7-16Dr. Sylvia Onusic, PhD, CNS, LDN, (Secretary) , is a board certified clinical nutritionist licensed to practice dietetics and nutrition. She completed dietetic studies, a Master of Science, and PhD at Penn State University. She is also a food and nutrition writer and researcher. Dr. Onusic recently completed studies in nutrigenomics. Her website, Nutrition Power, can be found at


joynerValerie Cury (Treasurer) is publisher and editor of a local newspaper in Loudoun County, the Blue Ridge Leader. She is a long time chapter leader, for Purcellville, Virginia.  She is a graduate of the University of Southern California, with a major in French, and a retired fashion photographer.  She is the mother of two sons raised with WAPF dietary principles.




PamSchoenfeld2016Pam Shoenfeld, RD,  (Government Relations) is a dietitian on a mission – to ensure all have an equal opportunity to be well-nourished, especially the most vulnerable populations. She credits Sally Fallon Morell, Mary Enig, and Chris Masterjohn for inspiring her to earn her registered dietitian (RD) credential at the age of fifty. Responding to the USDA 2010 Dietary Guidelines, she co-founded the Healthy Nation Coalition, dedicated to making the focus of the Dietary Guidelines ensuring adequate essential nutrition. Formerly a chapter leader and an advocate for legal raw milk sales, she is an honorary board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Pam wrote commentary to the USDA on the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report and the Child and Adult Care Food Program for WAPF, and spoke at their press conference announcing the release of the WAPF Dietary Guidelines. Her practice, Women and Family Nutrition, focuses on women’s reproductive nutrition using the power of traditional diets. Pam is grateful to the late Mary Enig for her research on trans fats, which Pam learned about while an undergrad at the University of Maryland; she always fed her family butter, despite being taught that margarine is healthier!  Pam is married to Adam; their children are Jessica, Laura, and Alex, and she has one grandchild, Benjamin.

SarahPopeSarah Pope, MGA received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Furman University where she was valedictorian of her class, graduating summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa.  Sarah also holds a Master of Government Administration with a major in Public Financial Management from the University of Pennsylvania.  While in graduate school, Sarah interned with the City Controller of Philadelphia as well as Latimer & Buck, a real estate consultancy.

After earning her post graduate degree, Sarah worked for over 10 years in the field of Information Technology designing Financial Systems for corporate and governmental clients, first with Accenture and then as an Associate Vice President with Raymond James Financial.

Sarah retired from financial systems development in 1998 to devote herself to raising 3 healthy children with her husband Richard using traditional nutritional principles as her guide.  Sarah has been the Weston A. Price Chapter Leader for Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL since 2002.  In addition to her Chapter Leader duties, Sarah writes The Healthy Home Economist blog which is ranked in the top 30,000 websites in the world and serves over 2 million unique monthly visitors.

In 2011, Sarah developed the 12-part Wise Traditions Beginner Video Series for the Weston A. Price website and YouTube channel. Sarah also released her first eBook in 2013 titled “Get Your Fats Straight”.

tomcowanThomas Cowan, MD, discovered the work of the two men who would have the most influence on his career while teaching gardening as a Peace Corps volunteer in Swaziland, South Africa. He read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price and a fellow volunteer explained the arcane principles of Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic agriculture. These events inspired him to pursue a medical degree. Cowan graduated from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in 1984. After his residency in Family Practice at Johnson City Hospital in Johnson City, New York, he set up an anthroposophical medical practice in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Dr. Cowan has served as vice president of the Physicians Association for Anthroposophical Medicine and is a founding board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Dr. Cowan is the author of The Fourfold Path to Healing (New Trends Publishing), a companion book to Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. He writes the “Ask the Doctor” column in Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, the Foundation’s quarterly magazine and has lectured throughout the US and Canada. He has three grown children and currently practices medicine in San Francisco where he resides with his wife Lynda Smith Cowan.

calvert-cherieCherie Calvert is a founding board member since 1999. She was born and raised in San Francisco, the land of gourmet restaurants and wonderful food markets. She acquired an appreciation for fine food at a young age. Professional studies include biological science and pre-med but her life took a turn to the restaurant business where she worked in all aspects of cooking, food purchasing and management for eight years in one of San Francisco’s most popular Nob Hill restaurants. She brings many facets of her life experiences and enthusiastic interest in subjects such as food, nutrition, alternative health research, and healthy home restoration. Currently she is involved in the acquisition and renovation of old properties in the Washington, DC area where healthy house construction is now in demand. She has many eclectic interests including, but not limited to, the collection of cookbooks, antiques, china, crystal, and all books on food history.

Board Member in Memoriam

maryenig2Mary G. Enig, PhD, FACN, CNS, is an expert of international renown in the field of lipid chemistry. She has headed a number of studies on the content and effects of trans fatty acids in America and Israel and has successfully challenged government assertions that dietary animal fat causes cancer and heart disease. Recent scientific and media attention on the possible adverse health effects of trans fatty acids has brought increased attention to her work. She is a licensed nutritionist, certified by the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists; a qualified expert witness; nutrition consultant to individuals, industry and state and federal governments; contributing editor to a number of scientific publications; Fellow of the American College of Nutrition; and President of the Maryland Nutritionists Association. She is the author of over 60 technical papers and presentations, as well as a popular lecturer. She is the author of Know Your Fats, a primer on the biochemistry of dietary fats as well as of Eat Fat Lose Fat (Penguin, Hudson Street Press, 2004).

nicholasgonzales-150x150Nicholas Gonzalez, MD graduated from Brown University and received his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College in 1983.  During a postgraduate immunology fellowship under Dr. Robert A. Good, considered the father of modern immunology and for years President of Sloan-Kettering, he completed a research study evaluating an aggressive nutritional therapy in the treatment of advanced cancer.  Since 1987, Dr. Gonzalez had been in private practice in New York City, treating patients diagnosed with cancer and other serious degenerative illnesses.  His therapy involves individualized diet, individualized supplement programs with pancreatic enzymes, and detoxification routines such as coffee enemas. Dr. Gonzalez released three books: The Trophoblast and the Origins of Cancer, One Man Alone, and What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer.
For further information about Dr. Gonzalez or his books contact: or New Spring Press LLC:

jerrybrunetti1-257x300Jerry Brunetti was managing director of Agri-Dynamics, a company engaged in ecological systems approaches to livestock, crop and horticultural programs. Jerry was also co-founder of Earthworks, a company engaged since 1991 in instituting biological practices in the golf course and landscape industries. Jerry was an animal science major at North Carolina State University. He served as Regional Dairy Director of the National Farmers Organization in the Northeast for five years. He founded and served on the Lower Mt. Bethel Township Environmental Advisory Council and was on the board of Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture (PASA)

General Counsel

turner-jamesJames Turner, Esq., a principal in the firm Swankin Turner, represents businesses as well as individuals and consumer groups in a wide variety of regulatory matters concerning food, drug, health, environmental and product-safety matters. He has appeared before every major consumer regulatory agency, including the Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Consumer Product Safety Commission and Federal Trade Commission, as well as the Department of Agriculture and the National Institutes of Health. Mr. Turner has served as special counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Food, Nutrition, and Health and to the Senate Government Operations Subcommittee on Government Research. He has also been a policy consultant to major corporations in the food, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries, including such companies as Kraft Foods, The Quaker Oats Company, Hoffmann-LaRoche and AT&T. Recently Mr. Turner was the lead attorney on a successful petition to the FDA to reclassify acupuncture needles from Class III to Class II medical devices, permitting their legal importation and distribution. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University School of Law.

Honorary Board Members

Jen Allbritton, BS, CN, is a wife, mother and Certified nutritionist who loves researching, writing and experimenting in the kitchen with WAPF-friendly dishes. She is a WAPF local chapter co-leader and her column Growing Wise Kids is a regular addtion to the Foundation’s quarterly magazine. The column focuses on finding creative ways for today’s families to incorporate WAPF principles. Jen has a BS in Kinesiology from the College of William and Mary, writes for other health publicaitons and has been passionately learning and teaching others about food’s effects on health over the last ten years.

Naomi Baumslag, MD, MPH, is a professor and the president of Women’s International Public Health Network. Her focus is infant, child and maternal nutrition, human rights and ethics. She is the author of over 120 articles and 10 books including Milk, Money and Madness; Mother and Child Health; and Passport to Life.

Marie A. Bishop, CDC is co-founder of The Radiant Life Wellness Catalog. As a Certified Diet Counselor she has conducted classes and private consulting on traditional foods and natural healing. She also worked as a staff nutritionist for Recovery Systems, a groundbreaking clinic run by Julia Ross, author of The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure. While pursuing a Master’s in Somatic Psychology she discovered that true body/mind healing must include wellness at the cellular level through nutrition. Committed to helping others realize their true genetic and spiritual potential, she founded the Radiant Life Wellness Catalog as a vehicle for spreading Dr. Price’s teachings through nutrient dense foods, education, and resources for radiant living. She currently resides in Marin County, CA.

Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom (NA) is a homeopathic consultant and educator who began her formal studies in homeopathy in 1986 when she wanted to address her family’s health issues without synthetic drugs or doctor visits. She’s now a sought-after consultant and speaker.  She is the author of a study program called How to Raise a Drug Free Family System, CDs, books and online courses to teach families how to cure themselves. You’ll recognize her engaging style from her column in our Wise Traditions journal. Joette says it takes spunk, guts and knowledge to achieve genuine health autonomy and she shares just how to do this with her audiences in her winning way.

Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD graduated with Honours as a Medical Doctor in 1984 from Bashkir Medical University in Russia. She gained a Postgraduate Degree in Neurology at the Moscow Medical University and a postgraduate Degree in Human Nutrition at Sheffield University, UK.
Dr. Campbell-McBride founded and is senior partner at the Cambridge Nutrition Clinic. She specializes in using nutrition as a treatment, and has become recognised as one of the world’s leading experts in treating children and adults with learning disabilities and other mental disorders, as well as children and adults with digestive and immune disorders. She is the author of Gut And Psychology Syndrome and Put You Heart In Your Mouth! She is a Member of The Society of Authors, and is a regular contributing health editor to a number of magazines and newsletters.

Lee Clifford, MS, CCN, is a nutritionist and writer. Formerly on staff at the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine, she is currently on staff at the Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine in Suffern, NY. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for the Advancement of Innovation Medicine Education Fund (FAIM Ed) and serves as the director of the Education Committee and Speakers Bureau. She is also on the advisory board of the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.

Christapher C. Cogswell, MA is co-founder of the Radiant Life Catalog. He studied Anthropology at Carleton College and the California Institute of Integral Studies, receiving an MA in 1996. The focus of his academic research included a cultural exploration of sustainable agriculture practices, and work with native peoples in the Hawaiian sovereignty movement. Discovering the work of Dr. Price after eight years of formal academic study, he realized that this research was a crucial missing link for humanity’s progress toward sustainability. He co-founded the Radiant Life Catalog to help disseminate Dr. Price’s teachings and to directly support people in turning nutritional degeneration into nutritional regeneration. Currently residing in northern California, he is committed to educating about the importance of sustainable cultures and economies as a foundation for lasting dietary and health transformation.

Monica Corrado is a principal of The Basic Feast, an organic catering company. She teaches cooking classes based on the principles and practices in Nourishing Traditions and speaks on the benefits of local food networks and biodynamic and organic food, including bone broths, raw milk and traditional diets. She has a background in the healing arts and specializes in healing foods.

Janice M. Curtin, MALS, is a long-time member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. She grew up on an Iowa farm drinking raw milk. She has a degree in Education from the University of Northern Iowa and a master’s degree in Liberal Studies from Georgetown University. She has worked in Legislative Affairs on Capitol Hill and at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She is a WAPF chapter leader, coordinates nutrition talks, and maintains a drop site at her home for over forty families to obtain nutrient-dense farm food.

Eric Davis, BDSc, DAc, DCN is the principal of a large dental practice in Australia and a leader in the field of holistic dentistry. He holds a Diploma of Medical Acupuncture and a Diploma of Clinical Nutrition. He is a past president of the Australian Society of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and in 1966 was made a Fellow of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

Maureen Diaz, WAPF chapter leader, writer, and producer of several DVD’s teaching WAP principles. She tries to keep up with her family and many projects from her home in northern Virginia.

William Campbell Douglass, II, MD is Editor-in-Chief of Real Health Breakthroughs and author of six books including The Milk Book.

Sara Bachman Ducey, MS, CNS, is a college professor specializing in nutrition focusing on improving health, cognition and emotional wellness through food and nutrients.

James A. Duke, PhD is the author of 25 books on economic botany. He retired in 1995 from the USDA which still maintains his phytochemical database. He now teaches at the Tai Sophia Institute and manages The Green Pharmacy Garden.

Carol Esche, DNP, MA, RN, CNA is a nurse executive with extensive background in teaching at the college level and working in acute-care hospitals. She is a frequent public speaker, writes for both professional publications and the general public, and has been interviewed on television. Always a patient advocate, Dr. Esche works to enhance the quality of patient care in the hospital setting.

Mike Fitzpatrick, PhD, is an environmental scientist with expertise in the assessment of effects of contaminants in the environment, including interest in endocrine disrupting compounds and trace metals. He is an expert on the effects of phytoestrogens in soy products and on sudden infant death syndrome.

Ruth Ann Foster, MA, began her career as a Newborn Intensive Care nurse after graduating from Rutgers University. Switching careers, she earned an MA in Broadcasting and has worked as a feature film and television editor. All the while she remains passionate about all aspects of nutritiously dense foods. She is the Raw Milk Coordinator for North Carolina, and enjoys the research and lobbying necessary for educating the public and legislators. (Currently she is pursing a Doctorate in Holistic Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University.)

Donna Gates, BS MEd, is a nutritional consultant, author and lecturer focusing on candidiasis and other immune-system disorders. Her book, The Body Ecology Diet, is the result of years of research seeking a cure for her own candidiasis-induced health problems. Frustrated with conventional medicine, she studied many different healing concepts, including ancient Chinese medicine, macrobiotics, natural hygiene, raw foods and megavitamin therapy.

Joann S. Grohman attended UC Davis (Animal Science). She has 8 children and 16 grandchildren. Her interest is child development including nutrition. She is the author of the article, “Keeping the Family Cow.”

Suzanne Humphries, MD, is a board certified nephrologist and author of Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History.  She began to question the safety and efficacy of vaccines after observing many patients with kidney failure after receiving vaccinations.

Beatrice Trum Hunter, MA, Food Editor, Consumers’ Research Magazine. She is author of 17 books on food issues, numerous articles in peer-reviewed professional journals and contributor to the Cambridge World History of Food. She has been an honorary member of the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation since the 70s and of the American Academy of Applied Nutrition, American Academy of Environmental Medicine and International Academy of Preventive Medicine.

Mark A. Kastel is co-founder of The Cornucopia Institute, a progressive farm policy research group based in Wisconsin and director of its Organic Integrity Project. For almost 20 years prior to its launch he was president of M. A. Kastel and Associates, Inc. His professional practice included political consulting, lobbying work on behalf of family farm groups and business development work benefiting family-scale farmers. Mr. Kastel has played a key role in a number of cooperative ventures designed to empower farmers in the marketplace. His development work has focused on creating sustainable farmer-owned businesses with an emphasis on dairy production and marketing. Kastel played a key role in the farm community’s response to the introduction of rBGH. His watershed research, published while doing policy work for the Farmers Union, brought great media scrutiny on this issue when he revealed the fact that cows were dying and whole herds were suffering from serious illnesses soon after they were injected. He has been intimately involved at numerous stages during development of the bill to regulate organic farming in Congress and the subsequent rulemaking process at the USDA. Kastel, who worked for agribusiness giants International Harvester and J.I. Case before making the paradigm shift to sustainable farming, lives on a 160-acre organic farm in the rugged hills of southwestern Wisconsin, near the tiny burg of Rockton. Visit his website at

Fred Kummerow, PhD, is the author of almost four hundred scientific papers in peer review journals, many focusing on the dangers of trans fatty acids; he also wrote the book Cholesterol Won’t Kill You But Trans Fats Could. In 2010, the 94-year-old University of Illinois veterinary biosciences professor emeritus filed a petition with the FDA to ban trans fats. He still conducts research at the Burnsides Laboratory at the University of Illinois.

Felix Liao, DDS, is a holistic family dentist focusing on the dental contributions to overall illness and wellness.  He blends Dr. Weston Price’s research with 21st century technology at Whole Health Dental Center in Falls Church, Virginia.

Teeth and mouth are pivotal in whole body health.  Dr. Liao helps patients build natural health by addressing dental infections, gum inflammations, snoring/sleep apnea, teeth grinding, bite-related headaches and neck-back pain.

Optimal dental-facial development for children by combining nutrition and dental appliance therapy is Dr. Liao’s professional passion, which also includes seeing adults patients regaining their wellness.

Dr. Liao is a Board Certified Biological Dentist in the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine.  He has been in private practice since 1978, following graduation from Brown University (Sc.B Engineering), Case School of Dental Medicine, and General Practice Residency at Rhode Island Hospital.

Dr. Liao has been a speaker at conferences hosted by the International College of Integrative Medicine, the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Weston A. Price Foundation, and the Holistic Moms’ Network, among others.

Leslie Manookian, is an award-winning documentary film producer and writer and former successful Wall Street business executive. She chose to leave Wall Street at the height of her career in order to pursue a more meaningful path. She is a member of the board of the Weston A. Price Foundation and has served as chapter leader for the Sun Valley/Ketchum, Idaho area since 2008. She is also a qualified homeopath, nutrition and wellbeing junky, and a health freedom advocate.

Originally from Idaho, Manookian’s career in finance took her from New York to London with Goldman Sachs. She later became director of Alliance Capital in London running their European Growth Portfolio Management and Research business. She learned of the vaccine debate while living and working in London and determined that one-day she would make a documentary exploring the issue. She conceived, wrote, and produced, The Greater Good, fulfilling that dream. She has been featured in a cover article in Barron’s, in numerous other financial publications, in dozens of TV, radio, print and Internet interviews, and a presenter at numerous conferences. She advocates for nutrient dense traditional foods and sustainable farming in here community. She has served on the board, managed or consulted for many organizations in her community. She has been active legislatively, playing a leading role in defeating the extension of a vaccine-tracking registry in Idaho and helping to secure legislation protecting consumer access to raw milk. She holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, a BA from Middlebury College, and M.L.C. Hom from Lakeland College of Homeopathy.

Kilmer McCully, AB, MD, MA (hon), is internationally recognized for discovering a link between homocysteine and heart disease. Author of The Homocysteine Revolution and The Heart Revolution, he has appeared on several national television programs. He serves as Chief, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Providence, RI.

Judith McGeary, Esq., is an attorney, farmer, and activist. After a clerkship with the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, she practiced as an attorney in the field of admininstrative law, litigation, and appeals. Having seen how government regulations benefit industrial agriculture at the expense of family farms, she left her legal practice to found the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, an advocacy group. She and her husband, Mike, own a farm in Central Texas with sheep, cattle, horses, and poultry.

Carlos Monteiro is an independent research and scientist having an experience of about 43 years in dealing with medical matters. Since 1972 he turned to be a disciple and follower in the scientific plan from Dr. Quintiliano H. de Mesquita, who has developed the myogenic theory of myocardial infarction, accompanying him as a special collaborator until his death in 2000. In 1999 he participated in the foundation of Infarct Combat Project and elected president by the counsel board where Dr. Mesquita was one of the members. Carlos Monteiro still defending Dr. Mesquita’s scientific ideas, through Infarct Combat Project. He has also developed a new hypothesis to explain atherosclerosis that was named Acidity Theory of Atherosclerosis. His website is

Kenneth Fielding Morehead, DOM, is licensed as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and is a Diplomat of the National Acupuncture Orthopedics Board. He served as a board examiner for three years. In his private practice he uses nutritional counseling, acupuncture, microcurrent therapy and herbs.

David L. Morris, BS, DC, worked for a pharmaceutical firm before becoming interested in nutrition and working for Dr. Royal Lee (Vitamin Products Company) for 12 years. He attended Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and started in private practice in 1970.

Jill Nienhiser has served as webmaster for the Weston A. Price Foundation since 2001. She expanded and improved on the basic HTML site to make it more user friendly and comprehensive, including a recent redesign to convert to a content management system with up-to-date features such as online membership subscription, article commenting, social bookmarking, a blog, and a members only social network. The site has moved up through the rankings year by year to become one of the top 25 most visited health-related websites. Jill also provides occasional writing, editing, proofreading, and research support to the foundation. She loves this work because it improves human health, animal welfare, the environment, and rural economies all at once.

Jill is also a communication consultant for Mind & Media, Inc. in Alexandria VA. She works with federal agencies, nonprofits, and commercial organizations to develop training, marketing, and public awareness campaigns and tools that inspire positive action. Her gift is an ability to synthesize massive amounts of information and summarize/organize it in a way that others can understand and act upon. Jill contributes regularly to the Mind & Media blog, “Inspire Action,” and writes white papers examining the use of new media in government recruiting, retention, training, and information dissemination.  Jill holds a bachelor’s degree in speech from Northwestern University, a master’s degree in liberal arts from St. John’s College, and a diploma in acting from the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts.

Sylvia Onusic, PhD, CNS, LDN completed her undergraduate work in the field of food and nutrition education and her PhD in the field of public health education. She is a certified nutrition specialist and a licensed nutritionist in Pennsylvania. She was a Fulbright Scholar to Slovenia in the 1990s and hosts the premier food tour, “Taste of Slovenia.”  For the last 10 years she has been studying and working in the area of traditional and ethnic foods.

Sandrine Perez, formerly Sandrine Hahn, MA, serves as the executive and creative director of Nourishing Our Children, a non-profit, educational initiative of the Weston A. Price Foundation established to support the health of our children.  She previously worked as a family therapist, art therapist, teacher, and as an educational therapist in private practice before she established Nourishing Our Children in 2005. Convinced that the children she worked with were well-fed but malnourished, Sandrine closed her private practice to devote herself to the cause of educating and inspiring parents to return to the whole, natural foods that have produced generation after generation of healthy children. She founded the San Francisco Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation in 2004 and served as the volunteer chapter leader for more than a year. She now serves as the Portland, Oregon co-chapter leader.  Sandrine has taught Nourishing Traditions and Moroccan cooking classes, and also leads Nourishing Ourselves, an educational initiative focused on adults. She received an activist award from the Weston A. Price Foundation in 2006 for her leadership role.

Kathryne Pirtle, BS, MA, is the clarinetist and executive director of the Orion Ensemble, which gives three concert series in Metropolitan Chicago, presents a live internationally broadcast series on Chicago’s WFMT-FM Fine Arts Radio Network and tours throughout North America. She is principal clarinetist of the Lake Forest Symphony and frequently performs with the Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra, the Grant Park Music Festival, The Ravinia Festival Orchestra, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Pirtle has co-authored a book with Sally Fallon and Dr. John D. Turner called Performance without Pain, which was published in 2006 by New Trends that focuses on the modern dietary influences in common inflammatory and degenerative conditions in musicians, athletes, dancers and the general public, and the solutions found in a diet of nutrient-dense foods.

Jessica Prentice is a professional chef and author of Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection. She is the co-founder of Locavores, a co-creator of the Local Foods Wheel, and one of the founding worker-owners of Three Stone Hearth, a Community Supported Kitchen in Berkeley, California that provides nutrient-dense foods.

Philip Ridley For many years, Phil Ridley has served as a chapter leader in London, and has organized several large Wise Traditions conferences there. The London chapter website is

Bruce Rind, MD, is a holistic physician with both traditional and alternative medical training. He is board certified in anesthesiology with additional training in acupuncture, osteopathy and nutritional medicine. His professional development has taken two directions: metabolic therapy focusing on the thyroid/adrenal connection and rapid reversal of injury to the brain from stroke, trauma, hypoxia and cerebral palsy.

Sir Julian Rose, BT, was an early pioneer of organic farming in the UK. Founder/chair of Association of Unpasteurized Milk Producers and Consumers, he led campaigns to save raw milk in UK (1989, 1997). President of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (2002- ), he is also the author of Changing Course for Life, Local Solutions to Global Problems.

Julia Ross, MA, Clinical Psychologist, has had over 25 years clinical experience in the treatment of addictions and eating disorders. She is the founder and director of six ‘Recovery Systems Clinic’ programs. She developed and integrated a therapeutic nutritional component into conventional models of treatment.

Beverly Rubik, BS, PhD, is president and founder of the Institute for Frontier Science in Oakland, California. She is also a faculty member at several universities and maintains a consulting practice. For more information about her work, contact her at or call (510) 428-4084.

Adrienne Samuels, PhD, is an experimental psychologist by training, with expertise in learning, test construction, research design, methodology, and statistics. She is author of The Toxicity/Safety of Processed Free Glutamic Acid (MSG) A Study of Suppression of Information. She has testified before the FDA regarding the dangers of MSG. She is on the NoMSG Advisory Board and director of the Truth in Labeling Campaign.

Pam Schoenfeld, RD has served as chapter leader since 2001. She has also represented WAPF at numerous community and agricultural venues, spoke at a WAPF conference, headed up the Garden State Raw Milk Campaign, participated in the press release for the 2010 WAPF dietary guidelines, lectured to university students, and recently wrote commentary addressing the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report and the Child and Adult Care Feeding Program proposed rule changes on behalf of the WAPF.

At the same time she completed her dietetic internship and master’s degree in nutrition and has been privileged to co-author two peer-reviewed papers with Adele Hite, MPH RD. In her work as a private practice registered dietitian/nutritionist in New Jersey, she has been able to share key concepts of nourishing traditional diets with clients at the various stages of their wellness journeys. She attracts young families who very much need the information on nourishing traditional diets. In addition she is grateful to know she has guided a few young women to becoming dietitians and mentored others to start practices like her own.

Andreas Schuld is head of the global organization Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children (PFPC). He is considered by many to be the world’s foremost authority on the effects of inorganic and organic fluorides on the thyroid gland and on thyroid hormone metabolism.

Stephanie Seneff, BS, MS, EE, PhD, is a senior research scientist in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. Through web posts and journal articles, she is committed to educating people about the importance of adequate dietary cholesterol and fats to good health.

C. Edgar Sheaffer, VMD, is owner of the Clark Veterinary Clinic. He has been in general practice of both large and small animals since 1970. He incorporated homeopathic medicine into his practice and is now using the natural approach in 90 percent of his practice. He serves as trustee and treasurer of the Homeopathic Medical Society of Pennsylvania, writes a a monthly article for ACRES USA and is a veterinary advisor to The Hahnemannian, The Whole Horse Journal, and the Holistic Horse. He is a member of the AVMA, PVMA, AHVMA, AAFHV, IAVH and the NCH.

Ted Spence, DDS, ND, has been a family dentist for 26 years and has added nutritional counseling to this practice. He studied nutrition extensively and is an adjunct faculty professor at the Clayton School of Natural Healing. His is also a master herbalist.

Alana Sugar, CN, uses a natural approach to good nutrition focusing on whole, unprocessed foods. She teaches classes, creates recipes, writes articles, and consults with individuals and organizations such as Whole Foods Markets, MCI Corporation, USDA, and other federal agencies.

Beverly B. Teter, PhD, FACN, CNS, received her BS degree in chemistry from George Washington University, in Washington, D.C. and her PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland. She has studied the chemistry, biochemistry and metabolic effects of trans fatty acids for nearly thirty years. She was the first researcher to report the effects of these isomeric fatty acids on milk fat in mice, cows, and women. Most of the data on trans fatty acids that are presented in the USDA food composition tables came from the research laboratories at the University of Maryland under contract with the USDA. She has published numerous research papers and authored several book chapters and white papers dealing with fatty acid composition and metabolism. Dr. Teter holds two patents with three others pending. She and her husband are the joyous parents of four sons and five grandchildren.

John Umlauf, Executive Chef, is an avid culinarian since 1962. Currently Umlauf serves as Culinary Director for Lake Country Premium Natural Meats and 500 Farms.

Susun S. Weed has been living the simple life for more than 30 years as an herbalist, goatkeeper and home-steader. She is the author of four books on herbs and women’s health. She lectures world-wide as the voice of the Wise Woman tradition, personally supervises 300 correspondence students, is the editor-in-chief of Ash Tree Publishing and directs the activities of the Wise Woman Center, where she trains apprentices in the shamanic arts. She received the Twentieth Century Award for Achievement and is listed in Who’s Who of Intellectuals.

Bruce West, DC, is creator and publisher of Health Alert, the first of the alternative health newsletters. He is also the creator and producer of the television show, “A Lifetime of Health Through Nutrition.”

David C. Wetzel, BS, served as vice president of a steel company from 1995 to 2000 before purchasing a farm with his wife Barbara in Nebraska. His company Green Pasture Products has developed high-vitamin butter oil, first manufactured and described by Dr. Weston Price, and made it commercially available. David is currently developing an American cod liver oil industry, with emphasis on fermented cod liver oil. He and his wife Barbara serve as chapter leaders for Page/North Central Nebraska.

Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND practices in San Rafael, California, and is director of the Marin Naturopathic Medicine clinic. For more information about her work go to, or call (415) 460-1968. For information about her book, Radical Medicine, please go to

Will Winter, DVM, is a livestock nutritionist and holistic herd health consultant.  He operates Grassfarmer Supply out of Cannon Falls, MN, raises pastured pigs and does invasive weed eradication with hair sheep and meat goats.  He direct-markets farm-fresh meat, milk and eggs to his local buying club called Traditional Foods, MN.

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  1. Candace Coffin says:

    Sincere gratitude to Geoffrey Morell and Sally Fallon Morell for founding WAPF and for the dedication and perseverance. You are both amazing and inspiring human beings. You have changed many lives, including mine. xox

  2. I want to second Ms Coffin’s comment. WAPF is really a beacon of sane and true nutrition in an era when there are so many conflicting views of what actually constitutes good nutrition. Up with all fats (except Trans-Fats), raw and fermented nutrient-dense foods, grass-fed meat and poultry/ eggs; seafood and seaweed, etc.. God bless WAPF!!

  3. Albrecht Schnabel says:

    Dear Sally Fallon Morell, … I just got your book “Nourishing Broth” yesterday, and started to read it, now the first pages, your introduction. This is a *great* book, even on the first pages. – Do you know, by the way, Denise Minger’s Death by Food Pyramide? If not, you might be interested. Like your book, it is an “opus magnum” with great worth for living healthier.

    Another point, as you mentioned it in your introduction: Dr.Justus von Liebig’s beef concentrate is (again) available having been reduced 30:1, and even in the poor form 100% beef (if declaration is right, but I guess it is so). I guess you know that already too by now, but if not, and if you are interested, I send you a (small) jar of 40g, the normal packaging unit of it these days.

    Thanks for your great book! I am even just discovering the riches (actually precious assets) of your knowledge about life. Thanks for sharing all this with us readers all over the world.

    For today best wishes.
    Albrecht Schnabel (Munich / Germany)

  4. Albrecht Schnabel says:

    … sorry, I meant “pure form” in line 7… – Thanks!

  5. Mary Jones says:

    Does anyone know where you would find a very good holistic dentist in the Chicago, Illinois (USA) area?
    My friend lives in Niles, Illinois (very close to Chicago) and really needs some help.
    If you know of someone, please e-mail me at
    Thank you so very much.
    Mary Jones

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