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Jill Nienhiser has been a Weston A. Price Foundation member since 2001, and has provided web maintenance, editing, and proofreading support for and for many years. She also helped launched the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund in 2007.

5 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Sam Sauter says:

    I’m looking for a good cavatation dentist. Are there forums to help me find a good one? I live in Oregon and am willing to travel. Who has the best reputation?


  2. Alex Cartwright says:

    I need advice on possible removal of titanium implants . Use of alternatives like plastics and zirconium

  3. Tekimai Sasori says:

    I am highly disappointed that your organization believes that raw milk is safe. It is not. As a microbiologist that actually tests raw milk here are some facts: 50% of raw milk contains Listeria. Listeria monocytogenes is a known food borne pathogen that kills people, especially immune compromised. 14 day incubation and by then you are probably going to die. It is a terrible illness to get. Pasteurization temperature is specifically used to kill Listeria. 95C is the optimum temperature to kill listeria. Here are some additional regulations of raw milk: Allowance of bacteria is 100,000 cfu/ml, that is 100,000 colonies of bacteria per single milliliter of milk. Pasteurized milk allowance is 20,000. Silo milk, combined raw milk into silos is 300,000. and retail raw milk is 20,000. Antibiotic and inhibitors of beta lactams in milk are not allowed. zero tolerance. White blood cells shed into the milk from cows has an allowance of 750,000 cells/ml. Goats have an allowance of 1.5 million cells/ml. This determines shelf life and can show whether the cow has mastitis. Pasteurization doesn’t change this. The quality of the milk remains the same. Pasteurized milk has an allowance of 20 cfu/mL of coliforms… organisms such as E. coli. Retail raw milk: 50 cfu/mL; Raw milk not for retail sale has no limit… so would you trust your local farm to not have significant amounts of contamination, think sewage, in your milk because that is basically what coliforms are. They are environmental and fecal bacteria found in the soil and mammalian guts. Cronobacter sakazakii is a total coliform that causes brain damage or death in infants and small children. Do you really want children to be potentially consuming bacteria that can kill them? Do you really want their baby’s death on your head because you tell them it’s fine? It’s not fine. It will never be fine. Lactose intolerance is normal. We are not meant to consume milk outside our species and outside childhood. We are not infants, we are adults and adults should not consume milk outside of being an infant. The intolerance is perfectly normal, and is not a bad thing.

  4. Eric Thomas says:

    I have a irregular skull or skull disharmony and can orthognathic surgery make your head look better since the jaw bones are connected to the skull? And can orthognathic surgery make my lips meet and look much better from front and side the whole mouth structure?

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