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Caustic Commentary, Fall 2009

BLAME “Millions of Children in U.S. Found to Be Lacking Vitamin D,” says a Washington Post headline (August 3, 2009). Who’s to blame? “Unhealthy lifestyles” say the experts, by which they mean, “. . . children spending more time watching television and playing video games instead of going outside, covering up and using sunscreen whenContinue Reading

Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon

Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon

Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition: Self Care for Improved Cycles and Fertility. . . Naturally! Marilyn M. Shannon The Couple to Couple League International Review by Sally Fallon Morell Marilyn Shannon takes on the task of helping women (and men) improve their reproductive health by offering, as her first suggestion, “Eat plenty of whole plant foods:Continue Reading

Caustic Commentary, Summer 2009

Red Meat Villlany? Red meat is under attack again, this time with a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine (2009; 169(6):562-571), which made it to the front pages of the newspapers. “Eating red meat increases the chances of dying prematurely,” said the newspaper reports, “Americans who consumed about four ounces of red meatContinue Reading

Cod Liver Oil Basics and Recommendations

last updated November 18, 2016 Concerns about Fermented Cod Liver Oil Questions and Answers About Fermented Cod Liver Oil JUMP TO: Brand Recommendations – Updated 2016 Once a standard supplement in traditional European societies, cod liver oil provides fat-soluble vitamins A and D, which Dr. Price found present in the diet of primitives in amountsContinue Reading

December 2008 Update 2 on Cod Liver Oil

Dear Members, We are obliged to issue another official statement on cod liver oil after the November bulletin of the Vitamin D Council, which contains “an unprecedented warning about the ingestion of cod liver oil and resultant vitamin A toxicity.” The warning accompanies a report on a review article co-authored by Dr. John Cannell, headContinue Reading

Caustic Commentary, Winter 2008

New Statin Study: Too Good to be True? “A highly anticipated study has produced powerful evidence that a simple blood test can spot seemingly healthy people who are at increased risk for a heart attack or stroke and that giving them a widely used drug offers potent protection against the nation’s leading killers.” So beginsContinue Reading

December 2008 Update on Cod Liver Oil

Dear Members, We have recently received inquiries about several Internet newsletters that have made disparaging remarks about cod liver oil. As the Weston A. Price Foundation recommends the use of cod liver oil as a nutrient-dense food, we thought it would be good to address the concerns that have been expressed, clarify our position andContinue Reading

Caustic Commentary, Summer 2008

We Are Not Making This Up An epidemiologist from Auckland University is calling for a health tax on butter, claiming that the dairy fat is “pure, natural poison…as bad as cigarettes.” According to Professor Rod Jackson, butter is “the purest form of saturated fat you can eat and it has no protein and no calcium.Continue Reading

Caustic Commentary, Spring 2008

Infants at Risk The Cornucopia Institute has released a report that questions the alleged benefits of adding “novel” omega-3 fatty acids DHA and ARA, produced in laboratories and extracted from algae and fungus, into infant formulas. Formula makers have been marketing infant formula with the added DHA and ARA as “closer than ever to breastContinue Reading

Caustic Commentary, Winter 2007

DEATH DIET FOR PREGNANT WOMEN For decades the USDA has promoted a lowfat, high-fiber, high-carb diet for the general population, schematically presented in the form of a pyramid. Yet even the most brainwashed citizens knew that pregnant women required more animal food, especially more animal fat, in order to have a healthy baby. Now USDAContinue Reading

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