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Find A Local Chapter

Local chapters help you find locally-grown organic and biodynamic vegetables, fruits and grains; and milk products, butter, eggs, chicken and meat from pasture-fed animals. They also represent the Weston A Price Foundation at local fairs and conferences and may host cooking classes, potluck dinners and other activities to help you learn to integrate properly preparedContinue Reading

Start a Chapter

Chapter Guidelines Basic Requirements To create a Food Resource List for milk products from pasture-fed livestock (preferably raw), pasture-fed eggs and livestock and properly produced whole foods in the local area. Provide a contact phone number to be listed on the website and in our quarterly magazine. Provide Weston A. Price Foundation materials to inquirers,Continue Reading

Exhibit Table Layouts

Shared FTC – WAPF Layout examples: 6 Foot Table: 8 Foot Table WAPF Only Layout examples: 6 Foot Table: 8 Foot Table:Continue Reading

Email Info Alerts to Chapter Leaders

Chapter Guidelines Reminders Dear Chapter Leaders, We’ve seen an exciting growth in chapter educational activities recently. Chapter Leaders are hosting events much larger than regular chapter meetings. These conferences, workshops, festivals and health fairs have a wonderful benefit for the community at large! I like the creative enterprise and energy in these projects, and hesitateContinue Reading

Chapter Updates

Winter 2011 Sally Fallon Morell started the meeting with opening announcements and a review of the basic requirements for chapter leaders. She announced that the new chapter handbook is now available on the website and it is a good resource for any questions related to being a chapter leader. There are also plans to startContinue Reading

Find Nutrient-Dense Foods

If you take our Dietary Dangers and Dietary Guidelines to heart, you may be wondering where to find the nutrient-dense foods we recommend. Take one or more of the following steps to start your quest: Ask a Local Chapter Leader. These volunteers have done the leg-work for you. Contact one in your area to obtain their list of readily available nutrient-dense foods. Visit OnContinue Reading

New Chapter Leader Welcome Video

WAPF president Sally Fallon Morell and Tampa chapter leader Sarah Pope welcome new chapter leaders and provide a basic overview of chapter requirements. Chapter Leader Welcome VideoContinue Reading

Chapter Annual Report

Chapters are required to file a chapter report annually. A link is provided here to the online report form. 2015 Online Chapter Report Form For those who would rather not use the online form, a printable form is here – Chapter Report 2015 Now is the time for your chapter to restock supplies.  Below isContinue Reading

Memo to Chapter Leaders

Dear Chapter Leaders, The purpose of this memo is to clarify some of our policies regarding dealings with other chapter leaders, food lists, chapter email lists and other issues that have recently come up. Other Chapter Leaders Our chapter leaders come from a wide range of ethnic, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. They have differentContinue Reading

Chapter Resources, Exhibiting

EXHIBIT TRAINING VIDEO IMPORTANT EXHIBITOR UPDATES Sally asks all exhibitors to pay special attention to these important reminders: Please use ONLY handouts, signs or printed materials provided by WAPF. The content of these materials has been approved by the Board of Directors and may not be changed in any way without the Board’s approval.  Likewise,Continue Reading

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