Journal, Fall 2007, Alternative Treatments for Heart Disease

Wise Traditions, Volume 8, Number 3



President’s Message: Food Puritanism

by Sally Fallon Morell

In this issue, we look once again at the subject of heart disease and the continued insistence on the part of the medical establishment—now reaching the point of shrillness—that consumers can only protect themselves against the disease by adopting a diet low in saturated fat, cholesterol and animal food, this in spite of mountains of evidence—staring us in the face—that this prescription isn’t working. In fact, the “Prudent Diet,” which health officials proposed during the mid 1950s for middle aged men at risk of heart disease, is now forced on growing children with all the finger wagging and moral outrage we associate with the spinster school marm, armored in righteousness.

This dietary dogma actually originated in the early 1800s with Sylvester Graham, who advocated a vegetarian diet as a cure for sexual urges. Graham believed that excessive carnal exercise would cause indigestion, headache, feebleness of circulation, pulmonary consumption, spinal diseases, epilepsy, insanity and early death of offspring, among other dire consequences. His views were furthered by John Harvey Kellogg, who warned against sexual activity even in marriage and advocated an abstemious meat-free diet as a way of curbing lust.

Today we recognize the process whereby demonization and harsh suppression of natural urges often lead to unhappy outcomes—during the strict Victorian era, for example, one woman in eight was a prostitute—and even pathologies. Yet our liberated dietary “experts” fail to recognize the fact that restriction of our natural desire to eat rich animal foods also leads to pathologies. When children are denied the high-fat and cholesterol-rich foods they need to develop normally, the result is behavior problems ranging from autistic withdrawal to uncontrolled consumption of processed food. Food Puritanism inflicted on innocent children—such as skim milk and harsh whole-grain cereal—results in Food Pornography—bingeing on candy, pastries, doughnuts, chips and sodas—along with indigestion, headache, feebleness of circulation, pulmonary consumption, spinal diseases, epilepsy, insanity, and even early death of offspring—not to mention infertility. Neither dietary extreme results in good health, normal behavior and a happy outlook on life.

We hope to provide a more rational dietary policy and further the Food Liberation Movement at our upcoming conference, dedicated to Radiant Health for Children and Their Parents. We have a wonderful cast of speakers lined up—including Drs. Tom Cowan and Natasha Campbell-McBride—to present principles and strategies for nourishing the next generation.

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