Journal, Spring 2014, The Scientific Approach of Dr. Weston Price

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President’s Message

by Sally Fallon Morell

This issue focuses on the work of Weston A. Price, starting with an analysis of his scientific method by Chris Masterjohn, PhD. We often think of Weston Price as merely an observer, a kind of curious dental anthropologist, whereas he was a scientist of the highest caliber, who conscientiously followed the scientific method. As Chris points out, Price’s work could not have taken place at any other time: he studied primitive groups at that moment in history when they were on the cusp of modernity, and he was able to work with modern transportation and the camera. A few years earlier or later and we would lack the great gift of his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.
Thanks to some excellent detective work by Sylvia Onusic, PhD, we now know more about how the book came to be published. Sylvia uncovered a letter from Weston Price requesting funding from the Buhl Foundation to publish his masterpiece. (Imagine Sylvia’s excitement, finding this letter, signed by Dr. Price, while researching fluoride at the Thomas & Katherine Detre Library and Archives!) The Foundation denied his request upon the advice of Gerald Cox, a chemist and the first scientist to suggest mass fluoridation of drinking water. The two men provide a fascinating contrast: honest Dr. Price, who demonstrated that only a nutrient-dense diet—not mass fluoridation—could prevent tooth decay, and the wily Gerald Cox, who willingly served his corporate masters in helping them get rid of a toxic waste product by foisting it off on an unsuspecting public. Today Dr. Price is known and respected throughout the world, while the name Gerald Cox has been forgotten.

Meanwhile, science continues to validate Dr. Price’s discoveries. Research indicates that his X Factor, now recognized as vitamin K2, not only plays a major role in preventing cavities, but also is key to optimal facial development. Vitamin K2 is found in organ meats, certain fermented foods, and the fats of grass-fed animals. Based on some preliminary and unpublished analyses, aged cheese from grass-fed cows is a particularly rich source, as is bear fat, a sacred food among primitive peoples.

Unlike most scientists of his day, who believed they were bringing the benefits of civilization to “savages” who had nothing to contribute to the West, Dr. Price came to isolated tribes and villages in the spirit of humility. He recognized the important fact that so-called primitive people had more to offer civilization than civilization had to offer them, and that unless modern man acted on their accumulated dietary wisdom, he was ultimately doomed to extinction. None of us wants to forgo the benefits of modern civilization, but unless we incorporate the discoveries of Weston Price into our lifestyle, and imitate the dietary practices of primitive peoples, that modern lifestyle will be our downfall.

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