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Recovery from a Low-Carb Diet

As with many aspects of life, extremes can be a challenge. Balance of nutrients is an important key for vibrant health. There is no question that those who have grown up on a diet high in refined carbohydrates experience tremendous benefits from eliminating them and adopting a diet high in animal fat and moderate amountsContinue Reading

Recovery from the Birth Control Pill & Other Hormonal Contraceptives

Since its release in the early sixties, the birth control pill has been surrounded by concern and controversy. While over three hundred million women worldwide have at some point employed the pill due to its alleged convenience, most have done so unaware of its implications for women’s health and future fertility. Contrary to popular wisdom,Continue Reading

Holistic Remedies to Address Vaccine Injury

“A single vaccine given to a six-pound newborn is the equivalent of giving a one-hundred-eighty-pound adult thirty vaccinations on the same day,” states Boyd Haley, PhD, toxicologist and retired professor of chemistry at the University of Kentucky. No wonder many physicians and other health practitioners are reporting a growing number of children and young adultsContinue Reading

Reviving Health through Gentle Detoxification

Often when one thinks about detoxification, images of a rigid three-day juice fast or grueling days of drinking nasty pre-packaged concoctions come to mind. Detoxification is the physiological removal of metabolic waste and exogenous toxins from the body. It is in fact a process, and not an event. Detoxification is an ongoing function carried outContinue Reading

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection from the Kitchen

Very few of us can elude the daily impact of manmade electromagnetic radiation (EMR). One must escape to the wide-open spaces of Montana or Western Australia to avoid perpetual Wi-Fi signals and radio frequencies (RFs) generated from cell towers and phones that are now so pervasive in our modern culture. With Wi-Fi almost everywhere, what’sContinue Reading

Getting at the Gut

A Solution for Treating Bipolar Disorder The Merck Manual describes bipolar disorder as “a condition in which periods of depression alternate with periods of mania or lesser degrees of excitement.” 1 Historically known as manic-depressive disorder, this psychiatric condition is typically defined by the presence of abnormally elevated energy levels affecting mood and awareness, withContinue Reading

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