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President’s Message

by Sally Fallon Morell

Although WAPF has occasionally commented on the folly of genetically engineered organisms (GMOs), we have not put this issue front and center. One reason is that our dietary guidelines mostly avoid foods containing GMOs―our members don’t use industrial seed oils (canola, corn, soy), don’t eat commercial corn products like chips (unless organic), and they avoid soy foods. Also, the health dangers of GMOs have not been apparent. . . . until now.
We are pleased to present in this issue the latest science on GMOs, and the new information should galvanize everyone to completely avoid GMO foods and work hard for mandatory labeling. Digestive disorders, behavioral problems like autism, infertility and cancer are some of the side effects emerging in the scientific literature. Children are particularly vulnerable to these effects.
Even if you are avoiding genetically engineered foods yourself, many of our loved ones still consume them, so we all need to work together to get GMOs out of the food supply. Soon we can expect to see GMO apples and oranges in the market place; GMO sweet corn is already in the supermarket. So mandatory labeling is a must.

Meanwhile, do your best to buy organic and support local growers who are using traditional seeds.
Add to that the dangers of RoundUp, the herbicide used with most GMO crops, which disrupts sulfur pathways leading to numerous adverse health effects. RoundUp persists in the soil and in our food, and is found even in foods that are not genetically engineered, such as wheat. RoundUp is often applied to wheat before harvesting as a desiccant.
Please read carefully the excellent articles by Jeffrey Smith (page 18) and Stephanie Seneff, PhD (page 30).
Our annual conference is fast approaching and we are looking forward to our best ever, with many new speakers along with new talks by favorite speakers from past conferences. See page 15 for conference information and a registration form.

We are particularly happy with the chef at the Sheraton Altanta and look forward to delicious WAPF-friendly meals.

We expect to be sold out (exhibit space is already almost completely taken) so don’t delay!

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