Journal, Winter 2003, Diabetes

Wise Traditions, Volume 4, Number 4


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    • Sugar-Free Blues, Everything you ever wanted to know about artificial sweeteners by Jim Earle
    • Fructose Dangers, Bill Sanda exposes problems with the industry’s favorite sweetener


President’s Message: A Modern Epidemic

by Sally Fallon

The modern epidemic of diabetes–which some scientists predict will soon afflict one person in three–is our most visible sign of a food supply gone haywire. Slow to develop and seemingly inexorable, the complications of chronically high blood sugar have filled our hospitals, dialysis clinics and nursing homes, sapping our emotional and financial resources. The expense is enormous and the suffering engendered very great.

This is the price we pay for food that is cheap and convenient, foods loaded with sweeteners like fructose and with imitation fats, namely partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Fake flavorings and MSG added to processed foods further contribute to neurological disorders as do artificial sweeteners foisted on the diabetic as alternatives to sugar.

There is no real solution to this epidemic except a return to real food, grown and prepared with a view to maximizing nutrients. Such foods may be more expensive and less convenient than processed foods, but they promise a boon in lowered health costs, increased productivity and greatly improved quality of life.

The decline in quality of the US food supply–what has happened to it and what we can do about it–will be the theme of Wise Traditions 2004, the 5th annual conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Due to a misunderstanding with the Sheraton National Hotel, we have had to reschedule our conference to October 1-3 rather than early May. (All members should have received a letter detailing these changes.) Fortunately, every one of our speakers can make this schedule change. We have a fantastic lineup of presenters to address the major problems with the food supply including the industrialization of agriculture (Jerry Brunetti and Arthur Evangelista), genetic engineering (Jeffrey Smith), excitotoxins (Dr. Russell Blaylock and Jack Samuels), irradiation (David Getoff) and pasteurization (Ron Schmid). New speakers include Katie Singer (author of Fertility Awareness), Kaayla Daniel (author of The Whole Soy Story) and Dr. Bruce Rind who will speak on adrenal health. Old favorites will present new material, including Tom Cowan on fourfold healing, Mary Enig on coconut oil for weight loss, Donna Gates on autism and myself with a new lecture called “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.”

The rescheduling is actually a blessing because it gives us more time to obtain Continuing Education Units–we are aiming for CEUs for nurses, doctors, dieticians and nutritionists.

Once again the setting will be the beautiful Sheraton National Hotel with delicious made-from-scratch meals by Chef John Umlauf and Executive Chef Bank Szerenyi. Please make a note of the dates on your calendar and begin planning to attend.

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