The Most Important Decision Parents Will Ever Make: Whether or Not to Vaccinate Their Child

It’s The Most Important Decision Parents Will Ever Make…..


The Weston A. Price Foundation has taken an active role in the recent uproar over vaccinations, following the outbreak of measles that began in Disneyland. To counter the strident calls for eliminating the religious and philosophical exemptions that help concerned parents avoid vaccinations in forty-eight out of fifty states, the Foundation has sent several action alerts having to do with signing petitions, posting comments and protesting proposed legislation. (Good news: lawmakers have already withdrawn draconian bills in three states: Oregon, Washington and Maryland.)

We have also sent out two press releases which point out that vaccinated individuals can spread disease, especially the live viral vaccinations such as chicken pox, measles, rubella, flu, polio and smallpox. In addition, we have posted numerous memes and links to information about the dangers of vaccinations on our Facebook page.

These efforts have generated thousands of comments, most of them in support; but several have criticized the Foundation for straying from our fundamental message of nutrition, while others expressed surprised at our stance opposing vaccinations.

The promotion of non-toxic therapies is part of the WAPF mission statement [], and we published an article in 2005 outlining the dangers of vaccinations [], so none of our members should be surprised that we have joined with other groups to publicize the dangers of vaccinations. In fact, our board of directors is unanimous and adamant about using the WAPF influence and organizational skills to warn parents about what can happen to children when they are vaccinated.

We will be devoting our Summer 2015 issue to this subject. We would especially appreciate hearing from parents of vaccine-injured children. We know that it can be painful to share your story, but the world needs to hear about what happens when vaccinations go wrong so that other children may be saved.

Childhood diseases are either mild or non-existent when parents practice the kind of good nutrition that we advocate. Diets rich in vitamins A and C can protect children against disease much better than vaccinations, and with side effects that are good, never harmful. Public health policy should be aimed at accurate information about nutrition, not the promotion of vaccinations that actually suppress the immune system and often have tragic side effects.

Press Release

We ask that everyone help out by sending our press release to their local newspapers and media outlets. Also, watch for our action alerts posted on Facebook or sent to members, and take action as urged. The health of our children is at stake and we need everyone to pitch in.

Sally Fallon Morell, President
The Weston A. Price Foundation

PS. If you must vaccinate, you can protect your children with the following guidelines:
• Wait until the child is at least two years old.
• Do not give more than one vaccination at a time.
• Never vaccinate when the child is sick.
• Be sure that the vaccines are thimerosal-free.
• Supplement the child with extra cod liver oil, vitamin C and B12 before and after each shot.
• Obtain a medical exemption if the child has had a bad reaction to a vaccination before or if there is a personal or family history of vaccine reactions, convulsions or neurological disorders, severe allergies and/or immune system disorders.

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Sally Fallon Morell is the founding president of the Weston A. Price Foundation and founder of A Campaign for Real Milk. She is the author of the best-selling cookbook, Nourishing Traditions (with Mary G. Enig, PhD) and the Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care (with Thomas S. Cowan, MD). She is also the author of Nourishing Broth (with Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN).

34 Responses to The Most Important Decision Parents Will Ever Make: Whether or Not to Vaccinate Their Child

  1. Reba Meigs says:

    Thank you so much for standing up for parental rights and speaking out about the inherent dangers of vaccines. We need more institutions like this to investigate the long term affects. Vaccines are to human as pesticides are to plants. They may work for the short term but the long term effects out weigh the immediate benefits. Thank you so much! I commend the work you are doing!

  2. Renee Leavy says:

    thank you so much for standing up for the rights of parents and for taking a stand on this most important issue.

  3. Elaine says:

    This is a tough subject for parents because they just want to do what’s right for their children. It’s a shame we live in a world where we can’t “trust” the powers that are any more! I just hope they don’t take our rights away to say “NO” to vaccines. We will then not be living in a free country!

  4. Pauline Santillo says:

    Friday night (Australian time) I opened Sally Fallons “Nourishing Traditions” which I bought early 2004. I had a letter published in The Age newspaper (Melbourne) welcoming Sally to Australia. I also have Weston Price book. I have been interested in the relationship between our health and our nutrition since the 1980’s. Always learning.

    You may not be aware but the Abbott government (Prime Minister Tony Abbott) has announced that families will not receive child care benefits, that is families will have to pay the full amount for chikd care, if their chikd is not vaccinated.

    I have been caring for babies and young children, other than my own, for 32 years with a City Council Family Day Care Scheme.

  5. Deb Palmer says:

    What does a parent do if they receive a letter from the Department of Education stating that if you do not vaccinate your child they are not welcomed to come back to school in the Fall of 2015-2016 school year. We are in the state of Colorado. I do not want to vaccinate my child but, I do not want to homeschool him either. I’m so disappointed.

    • Ruby Johnson says:

      In order to get Religious exemption to mandatory school vaccines, go to your County Health Department or CO dept of Health.
      They shd carry standard forms for medical or religious exemption request.

      Just ask for the form for Religious exemption to mandatory school vaccines. ( name of school may be asked )
      You do not have to explain to anyone why. Less said the better.
      Fill that form for each child that you need exemption for, get it notarized( they shd have a notary public on staff there) ask them to make a copy for your records, submit it and go home.
      In the area asking which vaccine you want your child to be exempted from, fill in ALL vaccines.
      Religious exemption form is better than medical exemption.You may need to show a doctor’s certificate for medical exemption.
      For Religious exemption, if there a space for explanation, say ” Vaccinations are against my firmly (or deeply )held religious beliefs.
      You do not have to prove your beliefs, you do not have to get a letter from your preacher.
      Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to submit proof.
      In a few weeks you will get a letter from the State Dept of Health that your kid has been granted Religious exemption. File it for your records. The Dept of Health send copies to the child’s school.
      We have such a form in WY and expect you will have one in CO.
      e-mail me separately on if you need additional info or help.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Lee says:

    Absolutely vaccinations are attrocious and completely phony in protecting public health and are harmful if not immediately than in about 40 years very harmful…a timebomb in fact!
    This is just the tip of iceberg regarding medical/pharmaceutical industry high crimes against humanity.
    Thank you for your honesty and courage to speak out!

    • Charles says:

      What has led to the elimination of small pox worldwide, polio in almost all parts of the world, and chicken pox in most of the Western world except vaccines? As a nurse in a pediatric clinic, I had never seen chicken pox until one day when a physician from The Philippines pointed out that a child with a rash had chicken pox. Pediatricians used to do spinal taps in the office because of the fear of meningitis. Thankfully that is a thing of the past. Today we have vaccines like Hib and PCV 13 which have almost eliminated meningitis in young children. Another pediatrician for whom I worked said that there used to be wards of kids with meningitis. Today that is no more. Nothing is 100% in life. Some people will get sick from vaccines. Most will not.

      • Heather Chang says:

        Maybe not sick but harmed yes and none can prove whether the benefit is greater than the harm, that cannot be proven. It is an impossibility. Vaccination being both risky and invasive must remain optional.

      • vassya illich says:

        Glad I am not coming up now when you are the nurse. phew!! God saved me from you.

      • Amanda says:

        Improved sanitation, cleaner water, people moving out of the densely populated cities, and better food handling lead to the near eradication of common diseases PRIOR to “effective” vaccines. I’m a health care provider, and find it imperative that I do my own research. I’ll not throw a bunch of quotes on this post. If you’re interested in being knowledgeable in this area, you’ll take the time to read “Dissolving Illusions-Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History” Suzzane Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk

  7. Pam says:

    Thank you so much for standing up to warn parents about the dangers of vaccines. I have so much respect.

  8. Fred says:

    I thought you’d like to hear from me, too. I was vaccinated as were all my siblings. I vaccinated my children. They are now grown. Everyone is fine and healthy. I feel like you are off-message with this one.

    • Heather Chang says:

      I was vaccinated and decided not to vaccinate my children because it is a form of child abuse. They are healthy too.

  9. Robyn says:

    I too along with my siblings were vaccinated. We are lucky very lucky that we are healthy. Understand though that the vaccines and cocktail of vaccines of today are not the same as the vaccinations we received years ago as children. As a pediatric occupational therapist for over 20 years I have taken many medical histories of toddlers pre and post vaccinations. These children were referred to me because of delayed overall age appropriate development. When someone comments about a child becoming sick from immunizations that is incorrect. Many of the children I worked with did not get sick from vaccinations cause that would imply a possible recovery. These children are forever changed from a vaccination injury. So when I was blessed with a baby boy I didn’t vaccinate him. When the preschool he was attending changed their vaccination policy we switched schools. Vaccinating my son is a risk I will not take.

    • Heidi Farrell says:

      I am a nurse too! I have forever retired my license after being a witness to vaccine injured children. Not the same vaccines in number or ingredients as when we were children. I am very glad that this is a debate. Some kiddos are being harmed. Greater good was not good for my 2 kids along with many others. I am sickened that I believed in public health policy and gave so many vaccinations to kids. No one can convince me that what we are doing is safe at this time. I believe in nutrition and health immune systems to prevent disease. $5 Billion dollars awarded in 2014 for Vaccine injuries and from the families that I talked to; they were haggled down to mere pennies for such things as lifetime supply of diapers for their child.

  10. Harriet says:

    In this reply section. I agree with those who stand for medical freedom, and fully informed science.

    Why are many doctors NoT vaccinating their own kids… Even Dr Oz doesn’t. These inferior products are NOT fully tested, have hurt;damaged thousands if young lives and their respective families, and cannot be condoned by the so called “herd immunity” THEORY. You heard (herd) me right, its an unproven theory or MYTH!

    As for my kids! Ages 29 and 32… Award winning Engineer and Triathlon, Neurologist,/runner have not received any of those childhood vaccines and are healthier than I have been. (I was part of the 50s/60s first run of SV40 monkey virus tainted vaccines which our US government labs produced) too bad for the current baby boomers.
    Now, the truth is leaking out and we have the opportunity to protect the current and subsequent generations from Mercks profit-driven agenda which has teamed up with the fascist medical lobbyists and paid-off FDA/CDC officials.
    View “Bought” or ” the Autoimmune Epidemic” (DHS. re Dr Randy Tent)

  11. Ian Gregson says:

    Thanks for taking a public stand against this ongoing attack on public health.

    “Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity”- Dr Herbert Shelton

  12. Mary R says:

    As this Summer’s issue evolves, please consider including the preventative and treatment education components that parents need to understand: 1) one sample preventative, breastfeeding prohibits HiB infection of the throat and can confer up to 10 years of protection against some of the worst illnesses, if my review of research –and that the studies themselves– are accurate 2) treatment can be in many forms that include, for example, knowing how to shield eyes and not supply excessive vitamin A during measles. A wide depth and breadth of knowledge needs to be assembled in these areas. Electro-medicine is already here and utilized personally for a variety of illnesses, concurrent with essential oils and many other gentle, less invasive, more financially accessible modalities.

    Alternatives to vaccination should be discussed, including exposure in the summer when the body’s defenses are the strongest and diets are freshest, homeoprophylaxis, and breastmilk from an immune mother.

    Listings of resources regarding legal rights and ways to respond to various entities seeking forced vaccination would also be useful to have readily available, preferably printed and on hand for all families.

    The long-term consequences to the immune system’s ability to mount an adequate and appropriate response after vaccination also needs to be addressed. Dr. Suzanne’ Humphries’ book, “Dissolving Illusions,” is very enlightening on this issue and other vaccine-related issues. I advocate every chapter of WAPF obtain a copy for its members.

    Changes in vaccines, care of manufacturing and new schedules are also affecting vaccinations’ impact and are also worthy of discussion.

    It is too difficult to comprehend such a technical subject all at once. A running list of details in each category makes it much less daunting here. Baby steps and a precautionary stance are our starting point.

  13. Lada Gabriel says:

    Hello, everyone! Thank you for very helpful information!
    We live in NJ and decided not to vaccinate our baby boy. He is 10 months now. I just treated his chicken pox with ozonated castor oil (Edgar Casey recipe). It was gone in 2 days!!! Also,we are following the Homeoprophylaxis protocol.
    The only issue we have is that no Pediatrician will accept him as a patient (he has Obama care insurance) because he had no vaccinations. What should we do? Could you please give any information? Will Religious Exemption help?

    • Ellen says:

      Pediatricians are NOT to be trusted with our precious children’s health. They know: drugs, more drugs, still more drugs, surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy….Their “skills” are not life-supporting nor protective of our children’s heath and well-being. Find yourself a good chiropractor, feed your children well using wapf information, and continue what you’re already doing. If YOU don’t do it, who will?

      More than likely, you will have to face the medical mafia when your child is school-age. I’d like to suggest that, if at all possible, you homeschool your precious child. What’s peddled as “education” in the public fool system is nothing of the sort. Read John Taylor Gatto’s excellent and very readable books of his experience as a public fool teacher for 30 years and finally quit it because he just could not stand to further harm the children.

      We need to just say NO, HELL NO! to the crimes being perpetrated against our children and ourselves. Someone commented further up that she hoped the choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate would not be taken from her. Understand that, in the police state that is gathering power and momentum in this country, they will not be backing down….tyrants never do. If you do not refuse to comply (along with many other thinking people), you will be total slaves, as opposed to the partial ones that we are now.

      The future looks very ominous for this country unless we take steps to change that. I am part of a grassroots effort to bring our common law back into OUR courts (guaranteed to us in our Constitution) along with our common law grand juries. The courts have become places of NO justice or truth and where we lose our children, our homes, our wealth and our rights. With common law restored to our courts we will regain our voices, our power and our authority to go after these oath-breakers at all levels of our government. There will be no such thing as any corporation being able to have no liability for their poisons, for example. Anyone interested can go to National Liberty Alliance dot org.

  14. Karen says:

    While I commend parents their right to choose, while I agree vaccinations at for profit corporations have cut corners in mixing cheaper, some toxic ingredients in their syrums…
    I have to point out that the chances of developing alife altering side effect from their use is scientifically minimal compared to real world consequences of contracting the multitude of life threatening diseases your unvaccinated children will be at the mercy of.

    In this globally travelling world, your children can contract diseases found in foriemg lands without ever leaving their home town. Realistically your child will travel over their lifetime, returning home to play or go to school with other unvaccinated children, carrying disease they have yet to fully incubate to know they are indeed sick themselves.

    People visit people every where. Children come in contact with new people or people who met new people all the time.

    Many viuses are wind, water and animal borne. You cannot see them, only the aftermath of contact.

    This is not about your child alone but all children and people who in this global society, indirectly effect one another.

    The fact is, where there are no vaccines, death rate is high, every day, every month, every year unendingly so.

    So the question should be how can we hold the pruduction and content in vaccines to the highest level? if after vaccination, it is possible for up to a week for the vaccinated to potentionally infect another who is not vaccinated, then perhaps we make a mandatory vaccination week of time off where the child or person is emtertained with fun and family hut otherwise sequestered as anyone with a bad flu is advised to do for the sake of their own well being and their community?

    Why is it always all or nothing? nothing in life is without risk. vaccinations even at present formulations hold miniscule risk life long compared to the much more significant risk of contracting a life altering, often life ending disease?

    If this continues, all disease once dispensed as irrelavant to our health in the western world, will once again be entrenched in our ecological systems.

    what will your children and grand children say about your dicision then? It will only take a generation of unvaccinated children to reintroduce a plethora of disease we now so smuggly disregard as relevant in our current society.

    This is simple plain fact and math. Verifiable by anyone.

    Fight the right fight for your children. make their health care and standard of medications to very best it can be. Demand for profit vaccines that are found to be made by inferior means and ingredients, have thier patent of the vaccines, the right of manufacture of that and similar vaccines legally stripped from corporate domain and instead manufactured in tight government and non profit specailists instead.

    This might make the corporations think twice before abusing their power for profit over the safety and health of our children and citizens the world over

    • Eric says:

      @Karen, your “simple plain fact and math” are completely incorrect. Your assumptions, upon which you premise your arguments are completely erroneous.

      I strongly recommend that you read “Dissolving Illusions” (available on Amazon) and prepare to rethink a lot of what you thought you knew about the history of vaccines, their supposed efficacy and the heavy-handed religious zeal with which the state decides that you do NOT own your body and will literally force you to poison yourself, your children, and your loved ones. Without the slightest shred of actual proof that these “vaccines” are effective at stopping ANY disease, the machinery of the state is engaged to ensure that no one escapes unvaccinated.

      Be prepared to reference a TON of citations at the end of the book. As you read it, you will wonder to yourself how government, society and the medical establishment could have been so blind and then you’ll be even further gobsmacked that it’s actually worse today than it ever was regarding vaccination policy and the sheer number of vaccines we’re supposed to receive.

      The thing that irks me the most is that almost every one of the diseases that these poisons are supposed to prevent are NOT fatal! Not only are they not fatal, but they are also mostly mild and pass rather quickly with proper hygiene, rest and diet. To poison people “just in case” is simply stupid and illogical and those that understand, know that it’s criminal.

      You can also watch a talk given by Dr. Sharon Tenpenny on vaccines (search for it on YouTube), in which she uses the CDC’s own documents to show just how ridiculous and unfounded the argument is for vaccination.

      Good luck to you on your journey.

      • Karen says:

        While some of what you say is valid and born of truth, it is not representative of the whole truth, is it?
        Fear mongering in vast genralisations of bad corporate practices to ALL vaccines and thier necessity as also beyond irresponsible of you.
        You dont know me or my knowledge base I pull from but felt free to absurdly criticize it anyways. Its like shooting bullets in to the dark because you briefly heard a scary noise.
        I have given a balanced and truthful response. You have not. It doesnt have to be all one way or the other, to have others understand your point of view.
        The truth is that for profit anything by its nature, means cost savings cuts, year over year to increase a legally mandated raise in profitability in the bottom line to share holders.
        Does this mean though that serios disease, many fatal do not exsist? Absolutely not.
        Does it mean they work onmpeoples fears and anxieties as you have fone, to support otherwise weaker claims upon critical review? Yes, the do do this.
        But to ignore true medical help because you fear something is just wrong.
        How about helping by verifying true diseases that vaccinations are prudent and warrented, Polio, Whooping Cough, The plague…yes Bubonic Plague is an enviromental norm, as is ecoli and others…still infecting Americans every year, many dying. Is it epidemic? no. Could it be? not likely with current hygene but easily could if a catastrophy occured. Would I get vaccinated for it…no, its simply not likely I will contract it, but it still is possible.
        However, Whooping cough, measles, polio etc can be spread and contracted easily in unvaccinated populations, in very hygenic populations.
        Its a matter of research and critical thinking.
        A book from Amazon might alert you to concerns but it should not become your defacto bible on truth and varacity on this matter. Nor should fear and emotions over ‘what ifs’
        There are no guarentees in life and plenty of obstacles, some fatal no matter how viligamt we are. The very best we can do is to hold accountable those who abuse our trust in medicare, whether the drugs or by the treatment or the practioner giving it.
        I personally feel if a corperation makes money off a life they helped distroy. Their ceo and board should face prison.

        In lue of that fairytale… Find out the history of each disease your childs doctor wants to vaccinate them for. Isvit dietary neglect that creates ot? Can diet alone prevent it? is it possible to contract it and survive perfectly fine? But can a younger infant or elderly person the unvaccinated child comes in contact with survive?

        • Karen says:

          So crtically think your way through vaccination legitamicy.
          Tell your doctors you want each vaccine given individually and spread out over a few shots to reduce risk of unintended inter reactions between bundled vaccines in one shot or reaction to virus itself when given in too high an amount for immune system to adiquately cope.
          I aggree fevers and inflamation are likely contributory to many brain centered consitions like learning disorders and Autism. Is it the only cause of them? no, no more than blindness can only be caused by closing your eyes.
          There are more than a few ways to go blind, swelling and inflamation is definately one, as it can be for Autism. Brain Inflamation is likely culprit in my opinion for vaccine related autistic events that seem to co occur, though in truth this is seldom the primary cause, in fact the least likeliest cause of imflamation causing autism.
          But it can occur after a vaccination. Seldom but it can happen. So follow my advice with your doctor to source the most ethically formulated vaccine, given one vaccine at a time, spaced out over a year and spread in smaller doses at a few more shots.
          Your kids may not like needles but they are easy enough to endure and comfort given by you after.
          Cost for several visits will be higher but over time if it becomes common place, it can be done as specigied national vaccination days so one doctor will do many peoole, not just you, over many more shots for one dose.
          Fight for the right things. The world has been found to be no longer flat, but the fear that idea created was very real, as were the fears of rough seas, weather, ships sometimes being lost to the ocean.
          Life is not all bad or good outcomes…it will always have both. Your job is to minimise real risks, not create fears for unreal ones. Trust me, if you didnt already know…you will die, someday.. age and health may have little to do with it but managingvyour life responsibly, balancing your rights with family and community,

  15. John says:

    Is there a controlled, double blind, peer reviewed,published study that confirms that vitamins A and C are more effective in disease prevention than vaccines?
    If not, how can you make that claim?

    • Eric says:

      John, there’s not a controlled, double-blind, peer-reviewed and published study that confirms that vaccines are effective in disease prevention. Go ahead, I dare you to find one. It makes it impossible to test vaccinations against anything else when it hasn’t even been tested against a placebo. That, however, doesn’t stop the allopathic medical establishment from making the same claim in favor of vaccines over and over again.

      One would assume that there would be unending, overflowing data proved through these controlled, double-blind, peer-reviewed and published studies that would obliterate nay-sayers, objectors to vaccinations…but one would be wrong. Very wrong.

      Much like how orthopedic and allopathic doctors were absolutely certain that the best way to treat poliomyelitis victims was to sedate them, forcefully straighten their limbs and then bind them up with braces and casts with absolutely NO single case of an effective cure using those methods, todays allopathic doctors are ignorantly and blindly following pro-vaccination propoganda/protocols with the same lack of proof. It should be noted that the treatment was far worse than the disease for poliomyelitis. These “treatments” effectively immobilized the limbs of these victims for months on end and thus destroyed their musculature. It should also be noted that the majority of poliomyelitis cases were mis-diagnosed and were not caused by the polio virus at all. It’s too long to get into here, but I would encourage you to read Dr. Humphries book on the history of vaccinations, vaccines and the disastrous results that vaccinations have caused since their inception. Dissolving Illusions on Amazon. A convenient way to have many hundreds of datasets and studies consolidated into one book.

  16. Pete says:

    The rebirth of diphtheria in Spain, after its eradication in the 1980’s through vaccination, recently took the life of an unvaccinated child. 25 days in an intensive care unit and antitoxin (brought from Russia, as it was unavailable in Europe) could not save him.

    Nine other children and an adult had confirmed contact with the bacteria, and remained asymptomatic – they were properly vaccinated.

    There is a lucrative business in natural medicine, even if you don’t acknowledge it here – selling untested and disproven ideas and discrediting well documented medical advances. Pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money from vaccines, there is no denying this – but you do get what you pay for.

    • Eric says:

      @Pete, your link led me to read over 50 articles from all over the world about this incident. What I found shocking was that every single article that I read was virtually the same!. No corroboration from anyone about how the boy contracted diphtheria or what state he was in when they decided to give him the horse antitoxin. Clearly, the state of actual news gathering, investigating and reporting is a long-dead practice.

      But, here’s the interesting part: horse-serum antitoxin is only considered after known exposure or active infection. It’s not really a vaccine in that it does not incite an active immune response to diphtheria in the person. Historically, diptheria had stayed below 20 deaths per 100,000 since the 1830’s. There was a brief but significant spike in the 1890’s caused by the first use of the horse antitoxin!

      The horse antitoxin can produce severe reactions, including fatal forms of serum sickness. After the cessation of the horse antitoxin (the exact same as what this boy was given), the death rate dropped back quickly and continued dropping to well below 20 per 100,000 before the vaccine was ever introduced.

      Death caused by diphtheria was below 15 per 100,000 at the time the first toxoid vaccine was introduced. After its introduction, the death rate jumped back up over 20 because of the initial push, but the vaccine was quickly ignored and not given extensively across the US. Meanwhile, the same curve of its declining mortality rate continued at the same pace it had prior to vaccination. In other words, the vaccine did nothing to bring down the mortality of diphtheria victims.

      Just prior to the late 1930’s, there was a large push towards improved personal hygiene, a filtered water-supply, proper sewage collection, flushing toilets and washing with soap. By 1939 there were only 4.2 deaths per 100,000 for measles, scarlet fever, whooping cough and diptheria COMBINED – the principal communicable diseases of childhood. By 1940 it was down to 2.9 in 100,000 for all of them. For diphtheria alone, it was less than 1 per 100,000.

      I would posit that had this boy not been given the horse antitoxin and instead been given a course of intravenous Vitamin C with Vitamin A and D for support, he would not only have survived, but made a quick recovery. Vaccination does NOT equal immunization. They are not the same thing at all.

      One last interesting thing to note: In England, from before the 1830’s all the way up to the introduction of the horse antitoxin, the mortality rate for diphtheria was between 0 and 10 per 100,000. This was in filthy, disgusting 1800’s England, mind you. The spike in the rate when the horse antitoxin was introduced, incidentally, was over 150 in 100,000! That’s quite a jump. Once it was stopped in 1902, the rate IMMEDIATELY dropped back to its old amount of between 0 and 10 deaths per 100,000 people.

      That’s not exactly a death sentence when dealing with diphtheria! It was simply viewed as a normal childhood disease. You get it, get over it and move on. The only fear was having to receive the horse antitoxin or the toxoid vaccine!

      I would strongly suggest reading Dr. Humphries and Mr. Bystrianyk’s book, entitled Dissolving Illusions (available on Amazon), from which I have paraphrased and for which they liberally quote study after study after dataset after dataset and very extensively provide their sources. If you get the kindle version, everything’s linked quite nicely! Take the time to learn about what really happened and you’ll be shocked at how far we’ve gone.

      I leave you with this quote: When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic. – Dresdon James

  17. Dallas Knight says:

    Ellen says: (July 9, 2015) “Pediatricians are NOT to be trusted with our precious children’s health”.

    This is a very bold claim. i certainly hope your child does not need the expert care of a paediatrician. Many children owe their lives to the care they receive from paediatrician’s and their teams.

    Living is risky, and balancing risks and benefits of health procedures is necessary throughout life, so it pays to be informed with the best available information and so be in a better position to choose.

    My children were all vaccinated and I am grateful that vaccination has lessened the risk of many childhood diseases such as polio, diphtheria and hooping cough that used to kill and disabled children, .

    • Carola says:

      “My children were all vaccinated and I am grateful that vaccination has lessened the risk of many childhood diseases such as polio, diphtheria and hooping cough that used to kill and disabled children”
      Unfortunately, your last statement is more of a faith based ideology than anything based on science or fact. Anyone who really researches the history of vaccines and the history of communicable diseases comes to the realization that vaccines had NOTHING to do with the decline of infectious diseases. Please be willing to educate yourself rather than bleat out the effective brainwashing mantra of the pharmaceutical industry. Check out for excellent lectures by a conventionally trained nephrologist. Vaccine theory is based on antiquated ideas of immunity that were incorrect.

      • Karen says:

        Carol, I guess time will tell since they may be your children now but they hooefully will grow up well and unharmed without benifit of vaccination. But if they travel or meet people who have been in contact even with people who travel… They may have the same life risk unvaccinated as an adult raised eating only at Mcdonalds.
        You assesment better be based on sound fact, not maternal fears alone.

  18. Rhonda says:

    I have been recommending your website for years to all who will listen.

    Your stance on toxic vaccinations is just one MORE reason why I love you.

    Keep up the phenomenal work….you are changing lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Jazz says:

    When Europeans landed in Australia they also bought smallpox and other diseases, its a sad part of Australian history. Vast numbers of native peoples living there traditional lives died from infections although they were still eating their own foods at that time. Of course being of good health will make fighting infections much easier, but nothing, food or vaccines can guarantee complete protection. Everyone should take the steps they feel to protect their children with respect from others. For me, I am choosing to vaccinate carefully as well as give wholesome traditional foods.

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