Journal, Spring 2003, Broth, Bread and Healthy Soft Drinks

Wise Traditions, Volume 4, Number 1


  • Food Features:
    • Our Daily Bread, Katherine Czapp and Garrick Ginzburg-Voskov tell us how to make the genuine article
    • Why Broth is Beautiful, Kaayla Daniel describes the benefits of gelatin in broth
    • Real Soft Drinks, Charles Eisentein on the practicalities of lacto-fermented sodas
  • Modern Foods: Wheaty Indiscretions, Jen Allbritten looks at what happens to wheat, from seed to table
  • Farm & Ranch: The Business of Wild Salmon, Peter Knutson describes how independent fishers are escaping the corporate net


President’s Message: Not Can’t, But How

by Sally Fallon

Have you ever noticed that most diet schemes proposed today tell you about something you shouldn’t eat? The official government diet says we shouldn’t eat saturated fats. Other schemes prohibit meat or dairy or grains or anything that is sweet. Some dietary gurus say not to eat salt, or spices, or cooked foods, or fish, nuts, or nightshade vegetables. And almost all nutrition writers quite rightly warn against modern soft drinks.

Our goal at the Weston A. Price Foundation is not to tell you what you can’t eat, but how to include as many wonderful foods as possible in your diet. We’ve dealt with the shibboleth of saturated fats in many issues. In fact, the first challenge to anyone who wants to eat a healthy diet is to get over any fears they may have of sat-urated fats found in animal foods and in the tropical oils. In spite of what we’ve been told, these foods are very healthy and are vital to human health.

This issue focuses on “how to” rather than “can’t”–how to prepare your grains so that they don’t cause health problems, how to prepare soft drinks that are actually healthy. Kaayla Daniel discusses the wonderful health benefits of gelatin and how gelatin-rich broth makes all the foods we eat, including meat, more digestible. Peter Knutson talks about healthy sea food while Lori Lipinski tells us why modern milk should be avoided, and how to incorporate healthy dairy foods in the diet. Through our ongoing Campaign for Real Milk, we are making those dairy foods more available.

We’ll be featuring many of these delicious foods at our upcoming conference, May 3-5. Monica Corrado of The Basic Feast is preparing a wonderful hearty chicken soup made with homemade broth and Chef John Umlauf will regale us at our banquet with a memorable lamb stew in a broth-based sauce. You’ll taste genuine saurkraut, sour dough bread, artisanal cheeses and old fashioned, lacto-fermented soft drinks.

This year the entire conference is under one roof, the newly renovated Sheraton National Hotel, easily accessible by shuttle bus from National Airport and the Pentagon City metro station. We’ll be providing child care so that parents of young children can attend.

You won’t want to miss our all-star lineup of speakers–Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, author of The Cholesterol Myths, Dr. Paul Rosch, President of the American Society of Stress, Dr. Kilmer McCully, author of The Heart Revolution and our own Dr. Mary Enig, all on Saturday plus a triple track of speakers on Sunday.

Space is limited, so don’t wait until the last minute to register. If you need us to send you more conference brochures, call us at the office at (202) 363-4394. See you there!

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