CDC Whistleblower to Extend MMR Vaccine Fraud



Washington, DC—May 3, 2016–[ GlobeNewswire ]– According to multiple reliable sources, CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will soon publish a reworking of data from a controversial study first published in 2004. If true, this is of major concern. For over a decade, officials have cited this disputable study to claim no connection between the Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism and to deny compensation to parents of MMR vaccine-injured children.

Dr. Thompson has admitted in taped phone conversations and in a statement through his lawyer, that he and other authors of the study, which include senior officials at CDC, manipulated the data and violated study protocol to conceal their findings linking the MMR vaccine to autism.  In what can only be described as scientific fraud, Dr. Thompson is now poised to publish “a rework” of the data in a blatant attempt to exonerate the MMR vaccine.

This rework comes on the heels of the just-released documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, which exposes the CDC’s fraud, deceit, and obstruction of justice regarding the MMR vaccine. Vaxxed has received global media attention and is waking up Americans coast to coast to the criminal activity at the CDC. It is suspicious that Thompson and the CDC have now decided, 20 months since Thompson first blew the whistle of fraud and malfeasance at CDC, to take action by publishing a rework of the data.

While the CDC claims no knowledge of a connection between MMR and autism, Dr. Thompson’s own statement to Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL) when he released thousands of documents to Posey is explicit, “We hypothesized that if we found statistically significant effects at either the 18-month or 36-month threshold, we would conclude that vaccinating children early with the MMR vaccine could lead to autism-like characteristics or features.

In fact, the CDC’s data did show statistically significant effects at the 36-month threshold, proof that the CDC knew their study found a causal connection between the MMR vaccine and autism.  CDC responded to this finding by manipulating the data to make this finding disappear.

The agency and Dr. Thompson are engaging in “data raking,” utilizing scientific data designed for one purpose to achieve another end. These steps demonstrate a complete lack of scientific integrity at CDC, a federal agency charged with protecting the public health.

According to Congressman Posey, after concealing the MMR vaccine-autism link in their study, the authors met in a conference room at CDC to destroy the documents.

The data and analysis from 2004 are corrupted and therefore it is not a wise or responsible use of taxpayer-funded time or taxpayer dollars to reanalyze that which has already been illegally manipulated. In addition, as a self-proclaimed party to scientific fraud, Dr. Thompson cannot be trusted with any data or analysis, especially while in the employ of the CDC.

Statement of Concern by the Undersigned

All these actions serve as further evidence that the CDC cannot be trusted. When the CDC insists the MMR vaccine does not cause autism or they have no research demonstrating that vaccines are linked to or cause autism, they are guilty of criminal behavior and complicit in the injury of innocent children the world over.

It is clear the CDC cannot be trusted and has committed overt scientific fraud. We, the undersigned, call on the US Congress and the Department of Justice to hold CDC officials and study authors Dr. Frank DeStefano, Dr. Coleen Boyle, Dr. William Thompson, Dr. Tanya Karapurkar Bhasin, and Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp accountable for their criminal actions.

We also call on Congress to remove any oversight of vaccines from the Department of Health and Human Services. We call on Congress to immediately repeal the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which gives immunity to vaccine manufacturers thus removing the necessary incentive to ensure the safety of vaccines.  Finally and most importantly, we call on state legislatures to immediately repeal all vaccine mandates nationwide as it is each person’s inalienable right to determine what is put into their body or that of their child’s.

Weston A. Price Foundation

A Voice for Choice

Age of Autism

Alliance for Natural Health

Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI)

Green Med Info

Thinking Moms Revolution

Dr. Toni Bark, MD, Co-Producer of Bought

Producers of The Greater Good

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Signatories to the Letter of Concern about CDC Vaccine-Autism Research


17 Responses to CDC Whistleblower to Extend MMR Vaccine Fraud

  1. Wade Larsen says:

    It would seem that Thompson is a reluctant whistle-blower who has since been sufficiently purchased — or threatened — into doing the CDC’s damage control.

  2. Ddauden says:

    I will add my signature to this exposure on behalf of my allegiance to the organization. I have not vaccinated my 4 children because of similar research concluded on my part.

  3. Julie Williams says:

    I firmly believe, think, assert and accuse the federal gov’t to be completely corrupt liars from start to finish with with very few exceptions in almost every way and on every subject. And they have been so for a very long time. Only trust people close to me and those in transparent organizations such as Weston Price. I know you are for real and I thank you.

  4. Shiv Chopra says:

    No vaccine is effective. Every vaccine is unsafe.
    Shiv Chopra, Author
    CORRUPT TO THE CORE: Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower

  5. Louisa Williams says:

    William Thompson has quickly lost his “hero” status-I am so deeply disappointed in this man. And still the Congress does nothing about the evidence they have of the CDC’s manipulation of the MMR-autsim link of the data. I think it will take a popular Hollywood movie to wake up the (non-holistic) sleeping public.Thank heavens that that is actually happening right now – one bright spot in this pharmaceutical/CDC betrayal of the public’s trust.

    • Bernard Shaw says:

      Its easy to be disappointed of a target, he spoke up in danger, who knows what they have threaten to do? These are very evil people with unlimited power we let them have.

  6. David Weiner says:

    I am so glad to see this press release put out by WAPF, signed by a number of organizations that do great work.

    I have been so frustrated by the timid approach taken by vaccine dissidents up until now in calling for changes. When it had already become obvious that radical changes were needed, I was only seeing half-measures which would never keep the vaccine pushers up at night.

    The above 3 changes would be a huge step forward toward the day when we reach the ultimate destination: a complete separation of vaccines and state.

  7. Linda says:

    To say I am saddened that William Thompson will soon publish a report where a discussion of the data has be readdressed and reworked, data that has previously been reworked and quite apparently compromised by the CDC staff having taken data from their original study and related records and quite literally trashing it, putting it into a trash bin in a closed doors meeting is an sickening development. However, to his own admission, this occurred and he stated he was shocked that they had done such a thing. What is about to happen is reprehensible! I am shocked and amazed, and yes, saddened.

    I wonder since he is still employed by the CDC, how much internal pressure he has suffered, unbeknownst to us. He cannot retract what he most clearly has already stated. Even in everyday court settings people are put on the stand who are considered an adversarial witness. Will he now become such having stated one thing and possibly with this reworking the data, become in fact one who has contradicted himself.

    As I have continued to look closely at this subject I remember listening to one Thompson recording where he stated his remorse when observing so many children who are now autistic and that what he had partcipated in had finally become insufferable to him personally, he could not continue to live with himself. So, indeed, given this new report comes out contradicting what he clearly has stated as a whistleblow, this is and will become a moment of sadness, that this apparent reworking of the data to absolve the data points involving the effect of the vaccine on black children, especially boys cannot be sustained, cannot be allowed. Will there be a peer review such that Brian Hooker performed on the original data Thompson provided to him as a whistleblower? It is horrendous to me that he would publish anything that could, in essence, negate that effect seen regarding black boys and the vaccine and thus continue to expose these children to vaccine injuries such that we have seen and continue to see. I am horrified!

    But as many continue to see and experience the maelstrom of attention on this subject, a cry for justice must continue to be raised. All members must be subpoenaed. And all of the well-expressed points as delineated in this May 3, 2016 Weston A. Price post must move forward. If they do not there will be no justice and I fear things will in time be swept under the carpet of the floors of each and every hall of justice, and children, precious lives will continue to be damaged and families will suffer. It, all of it, must stop!

    I join my voice with yours in the hope that we see the change that must happen, it simply must.

  8. John A. Hiscott says:

    Please call Netflix and request Vaxxed and Hear the Silence. We life in a media driven society. This will be a way to expose the CDC’s fraud to the public.

  9. Laraine Abbey RN (emeritus), MS Biology/Clinical Nutrtion, CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist) says:

    I have renamed the CDC as the Center for Deceitful Communication. If Thompson does what is being leaked now, I would guess he has been threatened in some fashion–from family members being endangered to loss of pension. It just doesn’t pass my smell test that he would capitulate so severely without some serious threat.

  10. Laraine Abbey RN (emeritus), MS Biology/Clinical Nutrtion, CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist) says:

    and PS: If you don’t think loss of life and serious threats happen in such cases…well I’ve got this bridge I’d like to sell…

  11. Beverly Allor says:

    Just saw Vaxxed, very powerful. Jail time is too good for the members of the CDC that are involved in this cover-up. This is not an anti-vax movie, it is exposing the fraud in the CDC and pharma companies that have known this vaccine causes autism and autoimmune in a subset of children. There are two well known doctors from the Doctors TV show in this doc and both are very upset. All they are urging is to bring back the single dose measles, mumps, and rubella instead of the combination vaccines. If you vax, do it one at a time. Great documentary, I urge everyone to see it, whether you are pro, anti, or somewhere in between, the government has to be held accountable. Contact your legislators and demand a hearing on this whistle blower case.

  12. peggy says:

    Where is the backbone of the American people? Millions of families have lived a living hell because of the lies told by these people whose job it is to protect American children. They should all be in jail! Prosecuted to the fullest extent! Autism is an epidemic like no other in this century, yet they are allowed to lie and cover up their actions and get away with it. There has been one death in 10 years from measles in the U.S., while 1 in 48 children are now autistic. All we have heard in the news is about how dangerous the measles is and nothing about the explosion of autism and where it’s coming from (except lies saying it is hereditary or the child is born with it). People need to RISE UP and DEMAND that these people are punished. The public cannot continue to let these people get away with killing and maiming innocent children. Demand they are publicly prosecuted. Where is the outrage???

  13. Michael West says:

    Anyone who views Vaxxed will not be swayed by a “reworking of the data” by the CDC. So, our best effort is to keep promoting the film. Also, Dr Thompson already released the raw data to Dr Hooker so, they can rework it all they want, we can still publicize the original data to refute any new claims.

  14. Gail Elbek says:

    It is easy to find on the CDC web page that the CDC is heavily funded or rather paid-off by multiple pharmaceutical corporations! Why then listen to anything the CDC says for fear of pro- industry toxic manipulations and least of all public health! And WHY is it simply ok that the CDC accepts money (bribes) from powerful food and drug industries while promising to protect the health of the people? I smell a rat!

    Beside vaccines, guess why soy phyto-poisons overwhelmingly contaminate baby formulas and foods? The billion dollar soybean industry and Monsanto (GMO soy), have full control of the CDC! A pure U.S. nightmare!

    Learn to do your own homework, as long as open corporate funding, the CDC can never be trusted!

  15. Robert L Wachsmuth sr . says:

    Cdc fraud . Vaccine Killed my son Michael and Millions of others His Body Dumped into the CDC Database of DEATH . Like living in the Future , Soylent Green , Doctors are the Predators and We are the Pray Doctors EATING OUR FLEASH and Drinking our Blood . immune from Prosecution , Censored from the public .

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