Earn Money for WAPF

You can earn money for the Weston A. Price Foundation with every internet search and Amazon purchase.

For internet searches, instead of using Google, go to GoodSearch.com.  Sign up “Weston A Price Foundation” as your favorite charity.  (Note: do not use “the” when signing up for Weston A Price Foundation.”) Once you have signed up, every internet search you do through goodsearch.com will earn a one penny for WAPF.  It may not seem like much but if all of our 16,000 members use GoodSearch a few times every day, it adds up to a lot.

GoodSearch will also pay a commission for purchases made through GoodSearch.com

For Amazon, go to smile.amazon.com and sign up for Weston A. Price Foundation in Washington, DC. Any purchase made through Amazon from this link will earn 0.5% of the purchase price for WAPF. AmazonSmile offers the same products, prices and services as amazon.com.

Thank you for your support of the Weston A. Price Foundation!

9 Responses to Earn Money for WAPF

  1. Dear WAPF,

    May I know how can I earn money thru goodsearch I am already signed up and I have no Idea what is the next step kindly guide me for this concern.

    Thank you for your time


    • Tim Boyd says:

      If you are signed up, when you get on goodsearch.com and scroll down to the bottom you should see the name of the organization you are supporting. If it is not the right organization there is a link to change cause. If it is set up correctly, then your selected cause will get a penny for every search you do with goodsearch.

  2. Justin Roy Olson says:

    I am not a full paying member yet sadly, but I do however love the WAPF and support everything for the cause! I am now supporting on both AmazonSmile and Goodsearch now HELL YEAH!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    My thoughts exactly, Justin Roy Olson! I’m signing up for Goodsearch and AmazonSmile because it is a great way to contribute even if you’re not a paying member yet. What a wonderful opportunity.

  4. Mara says:

    When signing up at Goodsearch, and entering WAPF as your beneficiary, don’t put a period after the A in Weston A Price! The site won’t recognize that!
    On the other hand, it’s ok (required?) to use it with Amazon!

  5. Pamela Moore says:

    It is not working with Amazon. It does not show your organization even doing a search of it

  6. Rhina says:

    I am a amazon prime member and sometimes I had the opportunity to help a foundation but I never did before because I was clueless about one. I’ve been reading the book of Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride and she mentioned this website. Now I feel awesome can help a little.

  7. Gisela O'Connell says:

    Can one buy an individual quarterly journal to show someone? I don’t want to give up mine, because they are so good/

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