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WIN A FREE REGISTRATION TO OUR CONFERENCE –  Enter the drawing by clicking the button below and filling out the form to receive our emails. –  Any one can enter one time (even if you already get our emails) –  One winner will be selected randomly on Wednesday, October 12 at noon –  If youContinue Reading

Show Notes

Notes for podcast episodes: #59 What causes heart attacks?, Dr. Tom Cowan For decades, heart patients have been treated with stents, bypass procedures, low-fat diets, and drugs to lower their cholesterol. The theory that heart attacks are caused by blockages in the arteries is accepted as the last word on heart disease. And this explainsContinue Reading

As the Cholesterol Consensus Crumbles, the Stance Against Saturated Fat Softens

In the last year, we have seen the consensus against cholesterol shatter and crumble before our eyes. The consensus against saturated fat has remained strong, but in the last week we have seen it begin to soften. Here’s my take.Continue Reading

Wise Traditions Podcast

Enjoy a farm tour of Will Harris’ White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, GA! Or check out a tour of Sally’s farm, led by Sally herself. Or listen to a lively discussion held in Zimbabwe at the Savory Institute’s Center for Holistic Management. There are lots of pre-recorded live events to choose from! Just click onContinue Reading

Covance Test Results

CovanceAmishRawButter CovanceAmishRawCulturedButter CovanceBlueIceCodLiverOil CovanceCabotCheddar CovanceChickenBlood CovanceChickenLiverConventional CovanceChickenLiverPastured CovanceDuckFat CovanceEggYolksConventional CovanceEggYolksOrganic CovanceEggYolksPastured CovanceEmuOil CovanceExtraVirginButterOil CovanceGoatButter CovanceGPButterOil CovanceGraftonVillageCheese CovanceKerryGoldButter CovanceKraftProcessedCheese CovanceLandOLakesButter CovanceLardPastured CovanceLardSmithfield CovanceNordicNaturalsCodLiverOil CovanceNZCheese CovanceOrganicValleyButter CovanceOysters CovancePABowenBlueCheese CovancePABowenCheddar CovancePABowenReserveCheddar CovancePureIndianGhee CovancePurityFarmsGhee CovanceRositaCodLiverOil CovanceSalmonRoe CovanceShrimp CovanceTallowConventional CovanceTallowPastured CovanceTricklingSpringsButter CovanceWhitefishRoeContinue Reading

UBE Test Results

1510005-1 1510005-2 1510005-3 1511025-3a 1510005-4 1510005-5 1510005-6 1510005-7 1510005-8 1510005-9 1510005-10 1510005-11 1510005-12 1510005-13 1510005-14 1510005-15 1510005-16 1510005-17 1510005-18 1510005-19 1510005-20 1510005-21 1510005-22 1510005-23 1511025-23a 1510005-24 1510005-25 1510005-26 1510005-27 1510005-28 1510005-29 1510005-30 1510005-31 1511025-31a 1510005-32 1510005-33 1510005-34 1510005-35 1511025-35a 1510005-36 1510005-37  Continue Reading

VitaK Test Results

minKMeasurements021015-WestonPriceFoundation-foodsamples minKMeasurements120315-WestonPriceFoundation-foodsamples minKMeasurements120315-WestonPriceFoundation-foodsamples1Continue Reading

Shopping Guide App

. . .   The Find Real Food Mobile App has been completely rebuilt from scratch and now includes the ability to find store locations near you (using GPS enabled interactive maps), which sell WAPF approved products from the Shopping Guide! No matter where you are in the US, you can find where to goContinue Reading

Questions and Answers About Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO)

The following questions and answers were prepared by Sally Fallon Morell, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF), in response to inquiries from Foundation members and others following the recent circulation of a report by Kaayla Daniel, PhD, CNN, which raises issues about the safety and quality of FCLO [].  Dr. Daniel is aContinue Reading

Celeste’s Garden Delights

Celeste’s Garden Delights

Celeste’s Garden Delights: Discover the Many Ways a Garden Can Nurture You By Celeste Longacre It’s fun to follow Celeste around in her garden, as described in this delightful book. Celeste’s homesteading priorities dictated putting in her raised-bed garden before she got hot running water! She walks us through creating the garden, planting seeds, plantingContinue Reading

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